About Vox 11

a unique and internationally acclaimed rhythmical vocal ensemble

rooted in the soil of Western Denmark

  • Singers

    Sopranos: Natasja Becker Vinther and Stina Nørgaard Hansen,altos: Camilla Elving Hyttel, Heidi Bisgaard Jondahl, Helle Lodahl Madsen and Tine Ohrt Højgaard, tenors: Jesper Albæk Byrialsen and Thue Thesbjerg,basses: Casper Zolon Nielsen, Jonas Dall Hardt Hove and Mogens Thoft Warming.

  • Choir Conductors

    Vox 11 is conducted by the group’s own singer: Heidi Bisgaard Jondahl. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus/Aalborg) with majors in rhythmical choir conduction. Vox 11 was formed by Gitte Frank who conducted the group until 2009. Since then Vox 11 has been conducted by Morten Vinther Sørensen and later Anders Hornshøj Laugesen.

  • The Music

    Vox 11 sings groove based a cappella music inspired by modern R&B, pop, rock, as well as by the contemporary Nordic soundscape. The sound of Vox 11 is characterized by a distinguishable harmony of the voices that depends largely on the joint musical background of the singers (most of whom have been singing together since High School). The repertoire of Vox 11 consists of original songs as well as songs arranged by or for the group, respectively. Vox 11 has released three studio albums so far: Take Off from 2008, Roots from 2013 and the christmas album Home for Christmas from 2015. In 2017 Vox 11 released the single Frit Land.  The track To søstre (Two Sisters) from Take Off featured on the American a cappella compilation album: Sing V: Groovus. In 2012, Vox 11 also performed on the show En sang for Bayes (A Song for Bayes) on Danish national television (DR2). Furthermore, the group was selected to sing all five tracks on Ørehænger’s 2013-release: Backwards in Reverse (i.e. an instruction CD attached to Ørehænger’s sheet music book of the same name). Click here, to hear some of our music.

  • Concerts

    Since 2002 Vox 11 has carried out a comprehensive concert activity. The group has also participated in various Danish as well as international competitions; always with top results. Additionally, Vox 11 has featured at a number of prominent occasions; performing for e.g. Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, The Prince Consort of Denmark, the (former) Prime Minister of Denmark as well as others Ministers and culturally acclaimed people. Among others, Vox 11 has collaborated with MidtVest Pigekor, Mariagerfjord Pigekor, Morten Vinther (baritone in the Real Group) as well as Peter Lodahl (tenor in the solist ensemble of the Royal Danish Opera). Click here to see our concert calendar.